Great Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Ever wonder what’s the best gift to get a 2 year old or 3 year old for their birthday or other special holiday? Well here’s a list of toddler gifts that mom will love and will benefit the child’s motor skill development and encourage learning. I love these especially for on the go, whether it’s out at a restaurant or going to grandmas house etc. Toddlers love a good challenge, but it needs to be doable for them as well. Every time I gift these the parent and the child are ecstatic about them!

Peg Board

Magnetic Building Blocks

Colorful Nuts & Bolts Set

Threading Beads

Colorful Bears and Cups for Stacking Sorting etc

Please be aware that a lot of these should only be used under adult supervision since they have small pieces or should be held off until the child isn’t bound to put pieces in their mouth.

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