Infant & Toddler Gift Guide

Hi there! I am finally putting together this gift guide for you guys! Im so sorry its taken so long and I’m also sorry it’s after black friday.. but now that all my apologies are (hopefully) accepted, here is a list of amazing gifts for the littles in your lives!

Let me preface this with one thing… every toy gifted should either be silent or should have volume options and an off switch, unless you want it launched out someones car window 😉

When getting gifts for infants and toddlers we want to look for things that will help them this their motor skills and learning you will see thats a trend in my choice of toys.

* You can click the pictures, or the links. Links on this page may be affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission from your purchase if/when you use my links*

These are AMAZING for travel or restaurants etc… great way to extend no screen time as long as possible

A great study pull toy thats fun and great for developmentally appropriate play!

Im a fan of toys that grow with your child and this is definitely one. from identifying shapes and colors to letters and objects. This will also help with they fine motor skills!

Shapes and colors are a trend in our home!

These squigz were introduced to me in Alessandro’s PT eval, he didn’t end up needed PT but just discovering these, I am glad we went! I do recommend you hide or throw out the 2 small orange ones, but these can be used in the bath stuck on tables windows etc. amazing even for developing gross motor skills!

Stacking games are wonderful for infants and toddlers this one is soft

And this one we own is wooden…

These pegs are amazing, they’re fun and challenging and as the child grows they start to color coordinate etc

More shapes and colors… catching on to the trend yet?

The other trend in toys I like to buy…motor skill development 😉

These are amazing for my little creative boy, he makes 3D houses and diamonds and can call out shapes and colors… it came with a cool manual on larger things to build and we work on them together where he picks out what color/shape is required and I tell him where it goes… any day now we will be ready to build a tree house 🙂

Always a good idea to have play doh on hand, it my negotiating tool and this pack will last us foreverrrr. They’re hidden and only one color is allowed out at a time, so they last… (actually the OCD person inside me cannot handle the color mixing…)

We have a very similar stacking/nesting toy and it has been a HIT and never gets old!

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