Hi all! I am going to use my very first blog post as an opportunity to do a short intro on who I am, what the blog will be about, and why I am doing this.

Who I am.

My name is Bianca. You can find me on IG @bia.mommy I am a furmom to two adopted German Shorthaired Pointers, Scotch & Soda as well as mom to Alessandro born 6.3.2016 and expecting baby number two, due to arrive November 2017.

Blog Topics.

My intention is to help other moms with this blog. Anything from breastfeeding, feeding schedule to sleep training and what products I use, by sharing what has worked for me and those around me.

Why a blog?

My fellow moms and friends tend to reach out to me for advice (not totally sure why). Possibly because motherhood inclusive of all its struggles is something I absolutely enjoy and love to help other with when and where I can. So after many suggestions that I should help more moms, I decided to start this blog!




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