33 Week {Bump Update}

Hi Everyone! Skipped week 32 because I got too busy… but week 33 was eventful to say the least! It started with Aria’s baby shower/sprinkle and ended with a hospital visit 😱



Makeup “Sprinkle-Ready”



Home celebrating baby Aria
















33 Week Bumpdate

•Boy or Girl? – Girl 🎀

•Size – Baby is the size of a Florida Pomelo (appropriate much?!), probably about 18″ long and 4{ish} lbs… with 3-5 still to go!

•Weight Gained – 33 lbs. probably…. (weighing in with Dr later this week)

•Dr. Update – None for another few days at 34+4,

•Symptoms – Reflux and sciatica still hanging out… constant contractions too, but usually at the end of the day when my body needs the break and they go away with rest.

Saturday morning was a different story, I woke up having contractions drank like 40oz of water, laid on my left side, and after about 7 crampy painful contractions in 30 min I called my Dr (who I knew was going to tell me to go to triage for meds and fuids etc.)

I went through the same with Alessandro at 29 and 35 weeks… I was injected with terbutaline (sp?) and they finally subsided… I was dreading going in because I knew the terb. makes me shaky and makes my heart race (no fun) but of course babies health comes first… and as curious as I am to meet her she’s not done cooking! This scare will make me get into gear and prep my hospital bag and write a post on it, so stick around!

33+6 at Triage, stopping contractions..

•Pregnancy Item I have loved this week – my hubbys boxers and tees


•Food Cravings: The worst week yet! Cheetos and Gushers   🙈🙊

•Currently working on: Prepping nursery and babies clothes etc


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