Post-Partum Journey {Weeks 1 – 4}

Hi Everyone! I promised this update would be up Thursday or Friday, but life can suddenly get crazy with two babies!

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Pre-pregnancy weight:

115 lbs (I lost a ton of weight breastfeeding Ale and literally started this pregnancy like a skeleton…i had actually gained back 5 lbs) with Alessandro i started at 129 gained 45 lbs ending off at 174lbs and lost 64 lbs getting down to 110lbs which was neither a blessing nor healthy but it was my reality

Weight at labor & delivery (37 Weeks 4 Days):

155 lbs, I again gained more than the recommended amount (25-35), 40 lbs total.. I am a firm beliver that your body will gain what it needs to and every woman is different, i exercised and ate healthier with Alessandro and gained more weight than with Aria whom I was restricted from exercising, due to a sub-chorionic hematoma and also had nausea which led to only keeping down carbs for most of my pregnancy

Aria’s was 7lb 14 oz 19.3″ at birth


24 Hours

This picture was taken 24 hours after Aria was born, but I weighed myself at home 2 days after she was born. YES its true… you look 6 months pregnant for a few days after baby is born

Weight @ 48 hrs: 148 (-7 lbs).. baby was more than 7 lbs plus placenta etc… do not try to calculate because its not something logical

Post-Partum Girdle: Not until about day 4/5


1 Week

Weight: 140 (-15 lbs) Breastfeeding makes you hungry… like REALLY HUNGRY! When all you can make time for in the first week are cliff bars and trail mix this is not healthy weight loss, but you do what you can, we all just do our best… I put my babies before myself and sleep and showers before food…. :-X oops.

Post-Partum Girdle: Yes, at around day 4 i started to wear my Bellefit girdle mainly because it helps hold in your organs which are all starting to shift back into place and helps support your back which just had such a major change in center of gravity that it hurts quite a bit. the support of a gentle girdle like this is great the first couple weeks, even if just for a few hours a day

2 Weeks

Weight: 137 (-18lbs) only 3 lbs down from the week before, I had begun to figure out how to get some more nutritional food in

Post-Partum Girdle: Yes, still wearing my Bellefit for support

3 Weeks

Weight: 134.7 (-21lbs) another 3lbs down, figuring out my routine and getting in smoothies when time is tight, and meal prepping a bit to have food to heat up quickly

*Excuse the picture, it was Thankgiving and I almost forgot to take them.. haha, too busy eating!

Post-Partum Girdle: Yes, this is when I begin to wear what I call my “Colombian torture device” my hard-core waist cinching girdle. This girdle by “Fajas” which is the word for girdle in spanish, I feel, helps more to bring in any abdominal muscle separation naturally caused by pregnancy

4 Weeks

Weight: 134.2, only down a half lb which is perfectly fine, many of us will hold the last 10 lbs or so (my regular weight is 125, not 115 and I dont intend to allow myself to get down that far this time) until we are done breastfeeding, this didnt happen to me last time and I dont know if it will this time but i will be sure to keep you all posted, and if im holding on to 10 lbs I will not freak about it, because I have a lifetime to loose it and only 11 months of {planned} breastfeeding left

Post-Partum Girdle: Yes, still using my Colombian faja about 3 times a week already on the tightest row but not yet feeling loose, so I will continue to use it until I feel I am no longer benefiting from wearing it

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