UPPAbaby Vista Review (Single & Double)

Hi again everyone! I have done a FULL (20+ minutes) review of the UPPAbaby Vista as a single & as a double (infant/toddler & toddler/toddler combinations). Video review can be found HERE.


Here is a written {short and sweet} recap 🙂

  • The UPPAbaby Vista is indeed heavy for a single stroller, but not for a double. {I knew I’d be using it as a double at some point}
  • “flip-flop” friendly brake… {read} no need to push up on it with top of foot!
  • Adjustable handle bar length… short, tall? no problem!
  • Folds and stays standing {too tall to stand in a trunk}
  • One handed recline, reclines completely… great for 0-6 months, using infant insert
  • Maneuvers incredibly {drive one-handed}
  • New 2017 vista 1” reduction in width {doesn’t sound like much but it is!}
  • Secret pocket on back of toddler seat {maybe you missed it}
  • Seat can rear face toward parent {excellent for child’s language development}  or forward face towards the world {FF is great to push up to table at restaurants}
  • Toddler seat and rumble can both face forward, both face back, face back to back or face each other {not ideal…upper baby’s feet are in lower baby’s face}
  • 2017 canopy extension is more durable fabric v. 2015 model umbrella style fabric with silvering coat
  • Bassinet in lower position requires lower adapters {sold separately}
  • Rumble seat lower adapters are included with seat
  • Bassinet canopy can be unzipped for better airflow
  • Bassinet canopy clicks [very] loudly -_-
  • Everything but the canopy is machine washable…
    • toddler seat fabric
    • rumble seat fabric
    • basket fabric
    • bassinet interior fabric

UPPAbaby has an amazing [2 year] warranty be sure to register your products! www.uppababy.com/register

**[they extend to 3 years if you register within 90 days of purchase!]

Links (click on images):

Uppababy Vista

Upper Adapters

Lower Adapters

Seat Liner

Skip Hop Stroller Organizer



Diaper Bag Hooks



The Mommy Hook


♥ -B

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