Baby Products: Must Have or All Hype?

Hey Everyone!

I want to start off by first mentioning what items not to waste your money on and what to save or invest on in their place. If you are a more visual person click here for my vlog on this post!

*Clicking pictures will direct you to links (some affiliate) of specified product*


1. DONT buy socks – DO buy booties

Newborns like to kick and socks fall off… these booties by Goumikids were great for us!

2. DONT buy Baby Food Maker – DO invest in a Blender

They seem convenient, but they are small and you will only use them only for 2-3 months. Once baby eats more you’ll need something bigger, like a good quality blender (i.e. Ninja or Vitamix) that you could use for the whole family for years to come.

3. DONT buy system for home made food – Do buy Ice Trays & Ziplock bags

ALSO seems like a great idea, but your better off freezing each individual puree into icecube trays that you can buy for next to nothing and once frozen just store the ice cubes into ziplock freezer bags. Each ice cube is about an ounce of food and once you’ve ruled out food sensitivities or allergies you can mix say 1-2 pea puree cubes with 1-2 carrot puree cubes. (BIG plus, they defrost quickly!)

4. DONT buy MamaRoo – DO buy a baby swing

4moms MamaRoo… ALL HYPE! Save yourself the money and get a regular baby swing, like the Fisher Price Cradle Swing

5. DONT buy blankets – DO buy Swaddle Sacks

Everyone AND their mother will buy you blankets, more than you could ever use or even dream of using.

Invest in a swaddle sack that velcros or zips. Velcro is a little loud, so you may want some zip up ones for night time… to avoid waking up hubby or startling baby. Swaddle sack means more SLEEP for mom too, no need to readjust a baby that broke loose or try to figure out blanket oragami in the dark!

6. DONT buy cloth bibs – DO buy Muslin burp cloths & Silicone bibs

Cloth bibs create [even more] annoying amounts of laundry, you’ll need burp cloths so why not have a two-in-one product like these muslin burp cloths. Once baby is on solids, silicone bib is the way to go just wipe clean, roll up and store in diaper bag.

7. DONT buy Wipe Warmer – DO buy weighted wipe dispeser

More important than a warm wipe (which you won’t have when you’re out)  is a dispenser that will stay in place. This OXO Tot one comes with a weighted plate inside so when wipes are running low, its still dispenses one at a time with just one hand!

8. DONT buy changing table – DO buy changing Pad

You do not need more furniture in a nursery, just get a changing pad and put it on top of the dresser you will already have for all those blankets!

Other Must Haves:

Baby Monitor

You may not need this until baby is in their own room, but trust me… you do not want to stealth ninja your way into your sleeping baby’s room to check on them and risk waking them up. I use the Nest Cam because we have another one and the thermostat so i have it all in one app visible on my phone wherever I am.


Youll need one before you think you do, and you dont want to run out and end up with a crappy one. I recommend this Crane Drop humidifier.

*NOTE* do not put essential oils in any ultrasonic humidifier, the plastic WILL crack!

Other products I love {not necessarily must haves}:

Dockatot – aka overpriced dog bed..

Ha! this baby-snuggling “dog bed” helped my baby sleep more and startle less! #winning #priceless Take my money Dockatot!

Rock ‘n Play

Great to keep reflux babies at an incline, also folds up to store, and is great to place baby by you all around the house i.e. bathroom, laundry room etc.


Reusable nursing pads that are thin yet absorbent and don’t look like wads of crinkled paper in your bra.. no need to add to the already flattering post-partum look!

Kiinde System

I may have to write an entire post on this system, but bottom line is… if you plan to breastfeed and don’t want to risk spilling your LIQUID GOLD when transferring to storage bags get this and its adapters and pump directly into your storage bags!

💕 B

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