Baby Registry for Baby #2

This week (26 weeks pregnant) I FINALLY decided I will have a baby shower/ baby sprinkle for baby girl. I have been struggling with the idea because my little ones will only be 17.5 months apart.

By this point in my pregnancy with my son, not only was my registry complete… my baby shower planning was in the works and I was receiving gifts from friends who were searching for my Amazon registry! I was very happy with the Amazon Baby Registry, so I will be using it again! (Even without doing a baby shower/sprinkle you can benefit from the completion discount 10% or 15% for Prime Members!)

Here is a look at some of what is on my registry for baby #2 and why 🙂

*Clicking pictures will direct you to links (some affiliate) of specified product*

Convertible gowns

These are great for easy diaper changes in the first few months especially overnight diaper changes! The ones I registered for are Kickee Pants but there are many different brands.

Footed Pajamas

The first few months baby will need help keeping warm, though not overly warm… (this also helps some babies sleep longer!) These gooted PJs are also by Kickee Pants (I might be obsessed) but the foot part is lined with cozy fleece inside!

Swaddle pods / Swaddle Sacks

These pods have zippers vs velcro which is especially nice in the early newborn months!

On the other hand these are what we will size up to when we outgrow the zippered ones.

Multi-use Blankets

I registered for some more girl appropriate (super soft) blankets because they can be used to lay over visitors who carry baby, to cover car seats, for burping, swaddling etc

Changing Pad

Though we have a changing pad, my son will still be in diapers when baby girl is born. So I prefer to just have one in each room

Baby Wipes & Diapers

We will be needing lots of these with 2 babies in diapers and using wipes haha! We registered for size 1 & size 2 diapers since we never used NB with our first/


I went ahead and registered for bottles because my first is still drinking out of a bottle at 14 months :X

Muslin Burp Clothes

I’ve raved about these in previous posts and how I used them for everything, so I registered for a couple girly prints

Fridababy Bundle

We love the Frida products so i just registered for the kit for baby girl to have all her own stuff (obviously more sanitary with the nose frida!)

Mustela Newborn Kit

Although we still use Mustela with my son, I prefer the gentler newborn formulations for a new baby

Uppababy Rumble Seat & Piggyback

Since we have the Vista as a single, we registered for the extra seat and the kick stand

Nest Cam (Baby Monitor)

Since the babies will be in different rooms, I registered for a Nest cam since that’s what we use as a baby monitor


Towels & Washcloths

I registered for baby to have some of her own towels and washcloths for the first couple months, after that I mainly use regular towels.


Seasonally Appropriate Items

I registered for this cute cable knit sack, my son was born in June and Aria will be born in November… so since its adorable and we may have 1-2 cold days in Miami while since a newborn… (why not?)



Plain White Onesies

Yes, you will get alot of cute clothes for your newborn… No, you wont use most of it! these are convenient for underneath all your cute swaddle blankets!


These are amazing because they don’t slip off like socks do, so I registered for some girly ones 🙂


That’s all for Baby #2’s Registry!




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