28 Week {Bump Update}

Hi Everyone, Happy Labor Day!

Now that I have entered my third trimester I thought it would be nice (or at least very real) to share weekly updates with you. Lots of stuff happens leading up to now, but this is when sh*t gets real!

Just a little background, with my first pregnancy a did yoga and spinning on a weekly basis up until 37 weeks. This time around I was finally getting back into my groove before getting pregnant and had every intention of keeping it up, but at 6 weeks I was put on modified bed rest for a subchorionic hematoma and had about 3 bleeding episodes until finally my hematoma resolved at 18 weeks. So suddenly starting up a workout plan was near impossible, luckily I was 15 lbs under when I got pregnant this time… compensation 🤷🏼‍♀️

 28 Week Update

•Boy or Girl? – Girl 🎀

•Size – Baby is the size of a pineapple 🍍 probably about 16″ long and 3 lbs… (this is when they start to pack on the baby fat) my first was born at 21 3/4″ and 8lb 10oz so I’m not expecting Baby Aria to be small by any means

•Weight Gained – I started off this pregnancy thinner than my average weight (115) and I’m up  28 lbs. I packed on 43 with Alessandro despite my best efforts 🐽

•Dr. Update – Gestational Diabetes test from my visit 2 weeks ago was normal, which I expected because I have a monster pancreas haha! Results came in at 69 and needed to be under 130. He also says my uterus is measuring right on, which is a sigh of relief since I always measures about 3 weeks more with Ale

•Symptoms – Ugh. I’ve been increasingly short of breathe (despite a bad cold), sciatica hasn’t been nearly as bad this week (I get it from the moment the lines turns pink it seems like), my hips are starting to go numb if I sit too long, so you’ll find me making rounds at restaurants, my left knee has started to hurt (I mean it’s suddenly chugging along 8 lbs I gained in a month 😱)

•Pregnancy Item I have loved this week – my maternity belt, its been my saving grace… and Bio-Oil / Coconut Oil… ALL the oils! {i definitely don’t want new stretch marks}

•Food Cravings: I’m not going to lie, I though people were lying about this… with my first I didn’t ever have any pregnancy cravings, boy was I wrong! This time it seems that every week I have a sudden spur of the moment craving, this weeks… Balsamic glazed pearl onions from this place we go to in Naples (we are here for Labor Day weekend)

•Currently working on: Ale and I recovering from the worst cold ever! He got a double ear infetion along with it and mine was an upper respiratory infection that tacked on pink eye 😖 (Thankfully last week I finished clearing out and painting Aria’s nursery)

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