30 Week {Bump Update} & Hurricane Irma (cont.)

Hi Everyone!
Week 30 started on Sunday September 10th with the tragic hit to the Florida Keys by Hurricane Irma. Our home in Miami lost power at 8:30 AM that day while we were still evacuating Irma’s expected route.

9/10/17 Miami, FL

We had made it to Atlanta but opted to continue north when Irma was projected to arrive in or near Atlanta as well possibly as a Cat 1 (ended up going through as a tropical storm, but still some lives were lost and people were left without power.) At 30 week pregnant suffering from sciatica, stuck in evacuation traffic with a 15 month old, 2 dogs and a cat my entire week was somewhat of a blur. We got back home Thursday September 14th after driving 43 hours and having stayed in 5 hotel rooms in 4 different cities all in an 8 day time frame. when we got home, power had just been restored and luckily all that we came home to were some fallen trees and an entire spoiled fridge (ew! double ew when your pregnant!) Here are some pictures of our trip/evacuation

 30 Week Update

•Boy or Girl? – Girl 🎀

•Size – Baby is the size of a cantaloupe 🍈 probably about 17″ long and 3.5 lbs… (I messed this up last week, should have been a pineapple at 29 weeks :))

•Weight Gained – 30 lbs, lets be real.. I’ll probably get to 45 lbs like I did with Alessandro

•Dr. Update – my 30 week appt was very routine, measuring well and got lucky that i can wait 4 weeks to go back because my Dr will be on vacation in 3 weeks! I saw him weekly for a while with the hematoma and bleeds etc so I’m not necessarily looking forward to the more constant visits

•Symptoms – Acid reflux seems to have flared up again, and pepcid is my best friend! then theres all the fun stuff like not making it to the pee room in time, constipation, joint pain from the weight, sciatica (always) and not being able to sit longer than 15 minutes without hip pain… the restaurant laps have begun lol!

•Pregnancy Item I have loved this week – does #teamnopants count?! I bought an amazing locally made lavender body butter in Asheville, NC that I am loving! Heres a similar one (click on picture to shop)

•Food Cravings: got my nasty Dunkin’ Donuts last week and they were glorious.. this week Im having my usual craving for cookie dough ice cream…we had to throw out our entire fridge so my blue bell cookie dough ice cream is waiting for me at publix!

•Currently working on: organizing the house from the hurricane chaos and getting my next post up which will be on what worked for me to sleep train a breastfed baby!


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