29 Week {Bump Update} & Hurricane Irma

Hi Everyone!
We started our week on vacation in Naples. Hurricane Irma has made this week quite eventful for our family to say the least. In order not to risk being home while a category 4-5 hurricane hit (it was expected to make landfall in Miami) we decided to prep our home, pack up and head north. This is no easy feet 29 weeks pregnant with a 15m old 2 dogs and a cat… add to that the immense traffic cause by 6 million people evacuating Florida which is a long state and only has so many ways out.

Naples on Labor Day Monday (9/4)

Our first stop was in Ocala, normally a 5 hour drive took us 7, not bad considering it took my in laws 13. Next we stopped in Atlanta which is normally a 5 hour drive took us 12 hours. We stayed in Atlanta a couple days tracking the storm, but making the best of our time there, visited the aquarium and took a mini (third-trimester friendly) hike in a gorgeous park. Once we realized the storm would likely hit Atlanta and it’s not a place built for tropical storms, we opted to head out. Which brings me to today where I woke up in beautiful Asheville, NC. (Hoping for the best in Atlanta as the storm has yet to hit) where I’m settling in for a few days and can write this bumpdate.

Atlanta Hike on Saturday 9/9


 29 Week Update

•Boy or Girl? – Girl 🎀

•Size – Baby is the size of a cantaloupe 🍈 probably about 17″ long and 3.5 lbs… (still packing on the baby fat)

•Weight Gained – I was at 28 lbs last week 🐽 and haven’t been able to weigh myself considering the craziness

•Dr. Update – I have a Drs appointment scheduled for Wednesday, which I will need to reschedule until we are back.

•Symptoms – I don’t even want to consider any of my Braxton hicks, back pain, sciatica, numb hips etc “symptoms” due to the circumstances… sonill skip that for now

•Pregnancy Item I have loved this week – none, my barefoot dreams cardigan that is not maternity are my favorite coziest thing this week along with my Tula products that have kept my skin balanced and moisturized in lieu of our Miami humidity

•Food Cravings: Donuts… not even good ones, I just want Dunkin’ Donuts

•Currently working on: Escaping Irma and heading back home 😓 we have no power and there’s no telling for how long that will be the case.

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