31 Week {Bump Update}

Hi Everyone! Week 31 was the beginning of getting or routine back on track post hurricane Irma! 🙌 Woo woo! Back to swim lessons and the like…

31 Week Update
•Boy or Girl? – Girl 🎀
•Size – Baby is the size of a head of Romaine lettuce, probably about 17.5″ long and 3.5 lbs… with 3-5 still to go (In Alessandro’s case he would still have had 5lb 2oz to go if he was 3.5 at this point
•Weight Gained – 30ish lbs. probably 1-2 more than last week
•Dr. Update – None for another 2 weeks I’ll be 34+4 when I go, I’m 32+2 as I write this update for last week
•Symptoms – Reflux is still strong, insomnia is hitting hard again, knee and ankle pain, sciatica (always), waddling, constant contractions (they do go away when I take it down a notch)… all the fun stuff that the third trimester has to offer
•Pregnancy Item I have loved this week – I feel that I am just not using many pregnancy specific items this time… right now my favorite thing is still my amazing find of Tula skincare products I mention on this post

•Food Cravings: Got my blue bell cookie dough ice cream! 🤤
•Currently working on: Nesting around the house in different areas!

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