Hospital bag for Mom and Baby

Hi Everyone! I’m officially just a few weeks from my due date and being that this is not my first rodeo and I TOTALLY overpacked with baby #1 and missed some things I wish I hadn’t, I am going to share with you what is in my bag this go around 🙂

Hospital bag for Mom

1. 3 nursing friendly PJs


I recommend something like this, honestly I was not a fan of the clip down nursing items. I prefer the button down PJ, whether is be a shirt gown of shirt/shorts shirt/pants set. that part is up to you.

I opted for shorts because 1, Miami is HOT! 2, pants get scrunched when I sleep.. and 3, even though getting my lady parts checked would be easier with a gown, they still need to pull down your hospital panties and the gown bunches up and flashes your visitors in the event you need to get up while people are in your room.

2. A comfortable robe


I chose this robe by the same brand, because its soft and will be good for my walks through the hospital halls as well as (again) when visitors are in the room

3. A going home outfit



To each their own on this, but remember you will still look about 6 months pregnant when you leave my preference is a pair of soft leggings and a soft comfortable tee or tank with my oh so cozy barefoot dreams cardigan

4. Pack Disposable Undies

Yes, it may seem embarrassing… but lets be real after L&D nothing is off topic!

I used these, I do not like to mess with double huge maxi pads that don’t stay in place or the idea of buying cheap underwear to throw out. I went through these and then transitioned to regular pads and it worked well, so I will be doing the same thing again.

5. Nursing friendly bras

I mentioned these bras in a previous post and it seems they are still sold out after the annual sale in August. I prefer these and pulling them down, to the bulkier strapped nursing clip down bras. (They hold up very well)

I also recently came across these at Target and they are very comfy and may be my replacement in the event that Nordstrom doesn’t restock they just cant be used as well under thin straps.

6. Fuzzy cozy socks

Need I say more? These!

7. Slippers and/or flip flops

Some simple slippers and flip-flops from the ever-trusty Amazon!

8. Toiletry bag

  • All these will be of your choice, but heres a “sub-checklist”
  • Lip balm (you need this during labor!)
  • Toothbrush
  • tooth paste
  • Hair brush
  • Pony tail holders
  • Deodorant
  • Basic makeup
  • Dry Shampoo (I like this one, they even have one specifically for blondes and brunettes!)

9. BYO Pillows!

The pillows at the hospital were awful, I will be bringing my own along this time!

10. Nursing Pillow

While this isn’t totally necessary if you’ve breastfed before, I would definitely recommend taking it as a first time nursing mom. Last time I used the Boppy, this time ill be trying the Brest Friend which was handed down to me by a friend

11. Chargers for cell/camera

You’ll need JUICE for all the pictures of the cutie pie!

12. Faja/Girdle

Some (including myself) opt to get home to start this process, but I added it in case you are as ambitious as I was the first go around! Here are the ones I use. The first 2 weeks I use a Bellefit and then i move on to a colombian torture device of sorts!

13. Snacks

I like to bring cliff bars and such for hubby during delivery or if hunger strikes afterward, but now with UberEats and Postmates I will probably take advantage of that! I will also be taking my super awesome Yeti because it has kept me hydrated this entire pregnancy and keeps my water cold FOREVER! I usually only drink room temperature water, but this whole pregnancy I have only wanted COLD water

Hospital bag for Baby

1. 2-3 Cute blankets to swaddle in

I don’t really like the hospital blankets so I take cute muslin blankets like these

2. Going home outfit

I like to use a cute comfy footie and this time I will of course add a cute bow

3. Pacifier

You may not use this at the hospital especially to avoid nipple confusion early on, but they don’t take much space and I would rather just have some on hand.

4. Cute beanies


This time around, having a girl… I got a couple cute hospital beanies with bows sewn on! I got these from here, free shipping when you buy 2! 🙂





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