Nursing-Friendly Outfits

A couple days ago I promised to share my nursing friendly sunday outfit… with #2under2 I’ll call white lie, i didnt have time or energy to write it up… actually i dont have the energy now even, buuuut… I promised! Below I will link the outfit in Sundays IG post and then some other items that I like for nursing when I am out, because obviously at home I can show my stomach or entire boob and not think twice about it!

I like this shirt because it has side slits for easy BF access (wear a tank under) … shoulder has tabs to hold up excess shirt fabric out of baby’s face
I like a tank like this thats easy to pull down but doesnt have bulky nursing clips
Love how light these leggings feel, especially in HOT Miami!
This is the girdle a wear at the beginning and it is showing under my clothes in the above pic 😉
These are the sneakers Im wearing that I scooped up at a visit to Nordstron during the #NSale
Lastly, this tank (not pictured)… I could buy by the dozen, I wore it pregnant and now breastfeeding… its sooo versatile and comfortable and the buttons open up for BF!

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