Baby Registry List for a First Time Mom

Hi all! As requested and promised, here is my baby registry list for the first time mom. Some links may be affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% honest and you’ll find almost all of these options are cost friendly with one or two warranted (IMO) splurges. Hope this helps guide your first registry!

Travel & Safety

Infant Car Seat

First things first! You need a car seat in order to leave from the hospital with your baby. The Uppababy Mesa was my choice for its direct click to my stroller and easy (basically mindless) install into the car. (Click picture to be directed to product link)


Definitely a necessity to get around with baby. I love the Uppababy Vista because:

  1. It includes a bassinet (rated safe for overnight sleep)
  2. It has a HUGE basket
  3. It converts into a double stroller with a rumble add on

(Add the price of any single stroller, plus bassinet and then down the road having to buy a double… and you’ll find that long term, the UB Vista is a more cost effective long term option)

Convertible Car Seat

I always recommend to put the convertible seat on your baby registry, because if someone wants they can buy it for you and if not you can’t get the completion discount when you order your remaining desired items. I love the Maxi Cosi seats because they are like a throne for my kids, and the covers are SO EASY to remove, wash, and dry. Mine literally looks the same and i have washed it around 6 times in a year and a half or so.


Nursing bras

I highly recommend these bras found at nordstrom for a double reasons

  1. they can thin straps and can be worn under anything
  2. they are SOOO comfortable

Nursing pads

Have you ever tried to perfectly cut a piece of saran wrap without it sticking to itself all over the place? thats what disposable nursing pads are like, but 100 times worse because its in your bra and you have to deal with them in public while trying to hide your nipple. ’nuff said. Get these…

Breast Pump

Ive talked about this multiple times.. I was a victim of marketing and thinking expensive = better… but nopppeee I’ve tried Medela and Spectra and can confidently say if you want a shark on your nipples, buy a Medela….. otherwise click an image below. Pink requires an outlet, blue runs on battery power.

Milk Storage

My go to are Kiinde bags and their adapters, you can direct pump while on the go and they are sturdy and do not fall apart. IF space is an issue, maybe another bag that freezes flat would better suit you.


Both my exclusively breastfed children took to comotomo  with no issue, so i highly recommend, another one recommended by my lactation consultant is Munckin Latch

Bottle Brush

No need to pay $10+ for a bottle brush, I’ve had this one 21 months… $4 well spent. ha.

Bottle Warmer

First and foremost this bottle warmer does not zap nutrients out of breastmilk. Second, it fits the wide neck bottles like Comotomo.

Burp Cloths

Multiuse = minimizing. These are great burp cloths that double as a bib, and i use them often to cover my chest while BF in public. 1 item in my diaper bag 3 uses, a win for Aden & Anais. (Silky Soft is my favorite)

Breastfeeding Pillow

While the poppy works, the breast friend keeps baby up high and better supported in the early BF days where you can destroy you back.. aka if brings baby to boob (correct) so you don’t slouch to bring boob to baby. (incorrect)

Nursing Cover

Again, anything that is multi-use is a winner in my book! This nursing cover serves to cover the carseat as well and can be worn as a scarf.

High Chair

I love this highchair by OXO… is has 3 reclines in case you want baby to drink a bottle there, it also has multiple heigh levels, but most importantly (and something you may not think of as a first time mom) the tray can be placed flat on any surface!


Buy a one or two of a few different brands, these are my top recommendations because in my experience they are the most widely accepted.



These 2 tethers have been a favorite in our home.



When it comes time to feed solids, regular bibs just add to the laundry and get stained and ugly. These are great because you just wipe and go.

Nursery Items


When searching for a crib my main priority is that its convertible for long term use. my kids can use their cribs until they leave for college! They convert from crib to toddler bed, and from toddler bed to full size bed!

Crib Mattress

This crib mattress is wonderful because it has an infant side (more firm) and a toddler side. It has organic layering and is fairly inexpensive and great quality.

Mattress Cover

I have mattress covers on all out mattresses in the house, this is the one I bought for the kids cribs and have no complaints.

Crib Sheets

These crib sheets by little unicorn come in beautiful classy subtle prints for boys and girls!


I use the Halo bassinet, my only complaint would be that the base is so wide, but i gladly accepted that because it makes it less likely to topple over when my dogs are getting rowdy! They now have another option though, that has legs that tuck under your bed!


Is it an overpriced pillow? That depends. Does your newborn sleep better with it? both of mine did… any minute longer I sleep, is worth every penny of this item in my opinion, add it to your registry, someone may just buy it for you1


You’ll receive plenty of blankets, but make sure your favorites and softest are listed on your registry, like these silky soft Aden and Anais muslin blankets.

Changing Table/Dresser

I prefer to use a changing pad  on top of a dresser, its one less furniture item, and its a more long term furniture item. You can one of two routes.

The first being a regular changing pad with a cover.

The second being a changing pad thats wipeable and requires no cover. you can get this one by Hatch for the same price as the Keekaroo peanut changer but this one allows you to weigh baby! this is great to see how many ounces baby is getting (weighing before and after feeds) and to ensure baby is gaining weight between pediatric appointments.

Sound Machine

Another item by Hatch that I love, is there sound machine! it doubles as a night light, can be controlled by an app on your phone, and serves as an “OK to wake” light when baby is older! Yet another multi-use item!


I chose to use a Nest camera as out baby monitors because I already had one for the house as well as the Nest thermostat. I like that I can view my babies from anywhere at any time.


PSA! get a GLIDER not a ROCKING chair, especially if the room is limited on space!



Im just going to flat out say it! Pampers & Huggies have chemicals and irritants. Both burned my babies bottoms and i have to use thick layers of diaper rash cream to create a barrier between baby’s bottom and the diaper. You don’t need to go the expensive route to find a safer option. You are free to use Honest or Aden & Anais diapers which some in SUPER CUTE prints, but believe it or not Target Up + Up diapers are free of fragrance, latex, and chlorine! They are super affordable too! Like, WAYYYYYYY CHEAP! (You’re welcome)

Diaper Pail

Realistically you can use this a few months and then you need to limit it to pee diapers. I use it because… I’m lazy. Once we start solids, we have to walk poop diapers out and light them on fire. (kidding! just walk them out to the trash outside)

Diaper Bag

Ive owned 4 diaper bags… just trust me on this one.


Footies – You will use these a lot early on because newborns are not yet able to regulate their temperature and these will keep your little bundle warm.

Kimono Style Onesies – (for NB phase) I was late to figure this out so I will share… buy ALL the kimonos! its easy to place these open, under the baby and dress them vs trying to put clothes over their head that has no support or direction!

Baby beanies – I personally prefer to bundle baby up and let them release heat from their head but if you live in a colder climate than I do, you’ll surely need them.

Socks/Booties –I HIGHLY DISLIKE baby socks, except for how cute and tiny they are! they always fall off, get lost etc. These booties, NEVER do!

**NOTE** Outfits until 6m should be comfortable and practical, sleeveless dresses for girls, and button down shorts and jeans are just not practical and you’ll only need one or two for cute special occasions (trust me, you just won’t reach for them)

Bathing & Skin Care

Infant Bath Tub

We all need to make the marketing mistakes or buying overpriced things haha but this tub is $25 and will last you 3 years! (Especially if you have no tub in your home)

Hooded Towels

You’ll need a couple of these. Again, love little unicorn!


I like these muslin ones because they’re the right amount of soft and scrubby!

*Tip – lay one with warm water over newborn to keep them warm during their entire bath

Baby Wash

My personal fave! (if your baby has super sensitive skin, eczema, or cradle cap..check out their Stelatopia line!)

Nail Clippers

Fridababy has the best stuff! These clippers have a peek window to see while you trim baby’s nails.

Diaper Rash Cream

I rarely ever need to use diaper rash cream (thank you chemical free diapers!) but when I do… triple paste is hands down the best! I use aquaphor for any chafing or for boys privates to avoid adhesions, especially the first year. (don’t google that.)

Brush & Comb

Pretty much any brush and comb set will do.

Baby Health 

Cotton Swabs

We have never had ear infection issues, and I attribute it to always drying my babies ears after any water exposure. I don’t go on there and clean daily, i just place these safety swabs into each ear to absorb any extra water that may have lingered. 

Nasal Aspirator

Fridababy does it again. throw away your bulb syringe from the hospital, it’ll get moldy inside and doesn’t work anyway.


I have this one, and its never been inaccurate when crosschecked.


Peace of mind. The Owlet will alert you if baby’s oxygen level of heart rate rises or drops form a certain level.

Colic Calm

If you ever need gripe water for a gassy, fussy baby.. look no further, Colic Calm is the fastest and most effective because it contains activated charcoal.

Gerber Soothe

If you have a colic baby, this is the way to go. Maternal milk barely ever ferments compared to formula, but this probiotic will neutralize any fermented milk that causes upset tummies.


Fridababy winner!! The Windi is the gas passer of all gas passers… I couldn’t have survived the first 3 months of my gassy daughter without them! 

Activities for Baby

Play yard

Make sure whatever play yard you buy, that it has different height levels, no one wants to bend over it and pick baby up essentially off the floor!


Baby-wearing is a game changer, I love my ring sling from wild bird, and my structured ergobaby 360. If you want to get anything done and don’t have an extra set of arms, some days baby-wearing is the only way!


Again, I already made the mistake for all of us of being a victim to marketing save the other couple hundred dollars for one of the splurge items on this list and get this cheaper more effective swing instead!


I didn’t have this with my first and wish I did. A bounce chair is a great way to take baby around the house with you (aka take a shower)!

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful to anyone looking to start their registry or double checking their list.



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