Kids Easter Baskets

Hi Everyone!

This post will be simple and sweet, just like our baskets.

You will find our first Easter baskets for the kids as well as their contents! Everything is available on Amazon and is Prime!


I got these baskets, one in pink and one in blue. I love how subtle they are and they were only $8.99 each! (*The blue one linked here is from a different seller than I used, because their blue is sold out)

For Aria, I got her this little bunny by Jellycat, same as Alessandro’s monkey that he loves so much. They are super soft and just the right size! They are also available in another color which is more appropriate for boys. I also got her a wooden bunny teether!


For Alessandro, I got some sidewalk chalk that we can use on Easter after the egg hunt, an easter themed llama llama book, and some stackable wooden cars by melissa and doug, a win-win because he loves cars and he loves stacking!

~Happy Easter egg hunting to all your littles!

xoxo, B

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