Introducing Baby to Solids Pt. 2 (Purees)

…cont. from Pt. 1

OK…Finallyyyyy! Let’s talk about purees… Purees can be thinned with formula, water, or breastmilk you will want to start off very liquid (as close to the consistency they’re used to) so they can adapt to taste first and later on texture.

What should you feed your 6 month old baby?

You’ll want to start with mild flavored fruits and veggies:

-sweet potato

-yellow squash


-butternut squash

-green beans













*Rule of thumb, any white will likely constipate… dairy, apples, banana, and later rice potato, pasta etc

My recommendation here is to be sure to give savory as well as sweet, some pre-made pouches have a fruit in every combination and this makes everything sweet automatically more palatable for your baby so be sure to mix it up!

How much should you feed your baby?

Food before one is just for FUN! Do not stress about incorporating “meals” early on… Infants get all the nutrition they need from breastmilk/formula until 12 months. Actually, they need to be consuming a minimum amount of ounces or you’ll need to cut back solids! Remember not only is your baby adapting to new flavors and textures, you’re adapting to a new schedule, incorporating solids. No need to fit in three meals a day or even one a day from the get go, take it slow and enjoy it together!

My baby hate solids, what can I do? 

If you feel like no matter what you give your baby, they dislike it. Try feeding with a higher ratio of formula/breastmilk to fruit/veggie and slowly increase the fruit/veggie and decrease the formula/breastmilk, this way there is more of what they are used to and they can even more subtly acquire the palate for their fruits and veggies.

…will continue with a Pt. 3 on BLW

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