Morning Skincare Routine

Hi there! For quite some time I’ve been promising that I would share my skin care routine with you guys but since I had recently incorporated one more product I wanted to wait until I saw the results (if any) of that one before I put together the routine for you. It’s actually a good thing because I made some changes thanks to some research I did for you guys on the process of skin repair in the evenings and early hours of the morning.

All opinions are my own, and I will never recommend something I haven’t tried and loved myself. I do have a referral link for you to get 20% off on TULA. Click here for 20% off

The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face with TULA kefir replenishing cleansing oil. I’m actually very familiar with oil cleansing. I have oily skin and have been doing this for 5 years now. The concept behind using oil to cleanse your skin is the fact that it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils signaling your body to produce more oil. What it does, is cleanse the skin without stripping it of any of its hydration/natural moisture.

I used to use my oil cleanser in the evening and because of the research I did that states that your skin is at the most dehydrated in the morning I decided to start using it in the morning and I use my other TULA cleanser after workouts and in the evening.

The next thing I do in my morning routine is apply my TULA pH Resurfacing Gel. I actually use this toner twice a day and I believe it’s the most important step, because it is pH balancing so it is always the first layer nearest my skin. Since it balances the pH of my skin I believe that this is the key product to my skin care regimen in keeping my skin from breaking out unnecessarily for example due to makeup or having a product on the following layer nearest my skin that may cause it to clog pores or be unbalanced shall we say.

The following thing I do in my morning routine is apply my TULA eye renewal serum which really helps to brighten up my tired eyes.

And the final thing that I do in my morning routine is apply my TULA Illuminating Face Serum. Since I have oily skin, I prefer to use my serums vs creams in the day. I feel that they are more lightweight and absorb better into the skin for daytime use.

I will share my nighttime routine soon!



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