Owlet, is it worth it?

This is a question I get all the time, is the Owlet baby monitor worth the money? In short, absolutely!

There are a couple reasons why I believe that it’s worth it. The first one is priceless, piece of mind. As a new mother… actually as a mother, anything that will give you peace of mind is worth the money. Because of the Owlet I am able to sleep at night without walking into my babies room and possibly waking her up just to see if her belly is moving, if she’s breathing, if she’s OK, if she’s breathing too heavily, or too shallow, if she seems too deep asleep and may be at risk for apnea. (Yes, you WILL do this… I still check my 2 year olds belly for movement on the camera monitor)

There are so many factors when considering a baby monitor! Another reason I chose the Owlet is because of said factors. It doesn’t matter if the baby rolls over for example, it will continue to read. It compares virtually identically to the pulse oximeter monitor used in the NICU.

What the Owlet does is constantly monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level and with that is able to alert you if the heart rate or oxygen level is above or below what is considered normal.

I just think of it simply… if your baby is asleep and you go to the bathroom one minute which is completely feasible, you cannot be monitoring them while you’re in the bathroom but the Owlet can. The monitor can be used to monitor you baby almost 24/7 if you choose to use it that way. It only takes 20 or 30 minutes to reach a full charge which is excellent because in the newborn months, I use it even during the day because it gives me that much peace of mind. Now that Aria is 5 months I use it twice a day, during her long nap which is when I shower cook and am fairly wrapped up, and overnight. With Alessandro I used the monitor until he was 9 months old.

In essence, realistically speaking we can’t monitor our baby 24/7 but the Owlet monitor can.

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